Our Job Portal Script is feasible script so anyone can handles script without struggle basic computer accessing skill is enough to access our Readymade Job Portal Script. So it makes the user compatability in our script that gives better performance.


The online learning and examination management system is one to look for if you are planning to start an e-learning business. Through this script people can take up the exams from anywhere at any time. Our learning and examination system helps you to develop, manage, deliver and grow your e-learning business. This script is primarily for the online examinations and online quiz system. It has multi-purpose use and a 100% responsive design which helps in carrying out civil services and banking exams, especially for aptitude based exams hassle-free. Demo Login Details : Student Login : Email : Password : 123456 Parent Login : Email : Password : 123456 Owner Login : Email : Password : 123456


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Our script is most suited for educational institutions and corporate companies as it is one of the easy and a more probable solution for the recruiters. It enables the recruiters to set the questions for aptitude and technical based quiz. The results will be declared right after the exam and the candidates can be selected or shortlisted based on that.

We have developed this script with 3 different logins namely; admin, parent and student logins. The students can login and take up a quiz or an exam based on the category they choose. We offer several categories and sub categories. The biggest advantage of our script is that it has numerous categories and sub-categories so the there is vast knowledge and lots of things to be learnt from while developing their communication skills by interacting with new students and teachers. The parent login enables you to add more students, keep track of their children’s exam and course details, attendance details and the exam schedule. They can also see the notifications sent by the admin.

Through the admin login, you can set the quiz questions, the category and sub-category it belongs to, publishing the result, you can create quiz or exam questions in multiple languages. The admin can send and receive messages from the students and the parents. The admin panel also has the option of reviewing the feedback from the students and the parents. The admin dashboard displays the payment status and the number of paid quiz taken.

Responsive design ensures comprehensive display across all devices, which also facilitates to watch your student’s progress in real-time from any mobile device or computer.
SEO-Friendly design ensures that you site is always visible and comes on top of the search results as it is optimized in accordance with Google standards.
Multiple Category management is available to enlist default categories for easy search and navigation.

Advance Features :


  • Students and parents can register with valid E-mail address and Password
  • They need to provide their name, phone number, date of birth.


  • Students and parents can login with valid email and password
  • They can re-set the password using registered mail-Id by clicking the “Forgot Password” in the bottom of the page.
  • New users can register by clicking “Sign Up”

This script is the combination of excellent business model and pay per exam feature which makes you start experiencing success within a short duration. We provide you with 3 months of technical support. Upon purchase of the script, we will give you the full source code is absolutely brand-free.


Jobsite Developed by PHP & MySql , Don't need to wait month for start jobsite portal , if you brought our script you can live within 3 hour time , our job portal script in php fully automated that includes advance features present in major Jobsites like Naukri and timesjobs.

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